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With spring in the air we are delighted the present our seasonal showcase Blooming Marvellous.  A selection of wierd and wonderful creations inspired by the organic world but using innovative techniques or materials. Our window is filled with a myriad of colours to welcome Springtime.

Featuring our newest Designers;

Abigail Percy delicately pierced silhouette’s of botannicals bring understated elegance to the showcase. She handcarves flowers from faux ivory and combines them with smoky quartz and large sumptuous pearls. Abigail is a keen blogger and more can be found about her here.

Anke Hennig developed her own technique of weaving nylon filament whilst studying textiles in Germany. As her creations became more sculptural she decided to turn her hand to jewellery making with dramatic results. She weaves and twists the filament in to spring like neckpieces and spongy brooches.  Her colour palette is muted spring greens, dove grey and pillar box red.

Rita Baek looks to the sky for inspiration and cleverly transforms acrylic in to vaporous cloud necklaces. Clear plastic is sculpted in to optical shapes that waver between opaque and transparent. One of our favourite pieces revolutionises acetate in to a thing of beauty. Rita creates light reflecting contours of plastic, that hang ‘light as a feather’ from 18ct gold ear wires.

John Moore has bestowed us with his Elytra range inspired by beetle wings. His anodised aluminium forms emphasise the materials potential for colour.

Stephanie Johnson forges peaceful forms from sterling silver using silversmithing techniques. The metal is manipulated into pleats, curls and waves. Her studio is based in Cornwall and the patterns and forms found in the surrounding landscape are echoed within her style.

Tusheeta David takes us on a flight of fantasy with her veiled existence range of laser etched plastic jewellery. Huge acrylic butterfly rings alight on the finger, but look more closely and the delicate capillaries of the lungs are traced in to hand dyed plastic. Strange but beautiful.

Melanie Tomlinson is renowned for her vibrant illustrated moth, butterfly and bird brooches. Crafted from printed tin and stamped with the makers name.

Amy Wilkinson fashions pretty rosebuds from paper. Her blossoms are hand painted with indian inks in plum, ruby red and opulent black. They are crafted into earrings and delicate silver chain necklaces.

The manager and buyer of Gill Wing Jewellery, Sarah Collins was interviewed this month for an online fashion magazine;

‘UK Adapta was formed in September 2005 by two people wanting to express their love and amazement for this eccentric, constantly evolving city and surrounding land. It was only a matter of time before like-minded people gathered to produce a serious yet fun platform?to observe, analyze, and praise?this unique,?self-reinventing lifestyle. Currently, the gathering has grown to ten people covering aspects that make London the most exciting place in the world, in our humble opinion…’

Have a read of the article here.

New in!!!

We have a very special Valentines window created by Jessica De Lotz.

Her unique treasures are shown alongside some of the vintage finds that have inspired her collection ‘A Love Story in Paris’  Let her draw you in to a romantic tale of long distance love and a world of wild abandonment!

‘A Love Story. Paris, 1946.’

A love letter hits your door mat. The anticipation of the sender fills you with an overwhelming sense of excitement. It is Monday morning after all. Proudly embellishing the envelope is a golden seal. Suddenly, it oozes a sense of heritage, preciousness and superiority. A treasure to behold!

He speaks of his exciting life in Paris. His eyes are bedazzled by the showgirls twirling their tassels, the opulent casinos and delicious abandon of gambling.

The history of this jewellery lies in the hands of its wearer. From the moment you open that letter it becomes part of you, you’re life and being. And from thereon the journey of your life, will determine its destiny. An heirloom of the future?

Inspired by Victorian wax seals these personalised and individually stamped mementos will guarantee that the mark of your love will be sealed forever.

Beaucoup d’amour,

xJessica de Lotz.x

Other Gallery Romantic specials!!!

Divine gems by Disa Allsopp

Molten metal and twinkling stones by Sally Anne Lowe

Lovely lockets by Sophie Harley

Retro romance crafted in enamel by Jane Moore

Love lies bleeding by Tina Lilienthal

We decided to welcome in the new decade with some wonderful new pieces by Clara Breen.

Who says that girls can’t fold maps?

We are currently showcasing a selection by Clara including a stunning creation made from French maps. With a subtle colour pallette to soothe those tired eyes after the New Year festivities! Contours of silver and paper trace the lines of the body. Clara creates delicate folds and concertina’s within the paper.

This collection is a bold step forward from her successful collection of pearl and fold formed silver that she has been making since her graduation from Brighton University. Her new collection still retains the elegant quality that we have come to expect from her designs. Every piece is finished with incredible attention to detail, including minute gold rivets.

Some of the collection is created using layers of tightly packed paper that has been sanded and polished to portray the smooth silky texture of wood.

Clara is happy to incorpoate your own selection of paper by special commision. I have been wondering what to do with my collection of cinema tickets…

So far it has been creating quite a stir on Upper Street as viewers try to guess what each piece is made from!

Roll up! Roll up! Gill Wing Jewellery presents a visual feast! A breath-taking experience of wonderous colours and shapes that will capture the imagination.

Our highly anticipated ‘Reveal the Surreal’ shop front will showcase a cornucopia of design talent featuring Blanka Sperkova, Hannah Livingstone, Serena KH Park, Moon Young Shin, Andrea Simper and Paraphernalia

Hannah Livingstone

Keep secret messages inside Hannah Livingstone’s beautifully hand crafted lockets.

paraphernalia image

Paraphernalia explore the vivid autopsy of trompe l’oeil Victorian etchings. Give your lover an anatomical heart to show that you care.

blanka sperkova image

Finger knitted fingers! Extraordinary wire sculptures by Blanka Sperkova. Her hand necklaces are delicately spun like ghost fingers clasped around the body.

serena KH park image

Serena KH Park welcomes us in to her world of fantastical creations combining glass and silver. She cultivates these little works of art taking inspiration from surreal sea life.

Moon image

Honey I shrunk the kids? Moon Young Shin has a playful approach to jewellery, exploring the concept of the ring supporting the wearer.