We have been keeping this collection of sublime brooches designed by Lydia Feast close to our chests for a few weeks. But we decided to play fair and share it with all of our followers before we sell out!

We found Lydia’s work at ‘Treasure’ which was part of London Jewellery Week. For me her designs were some of the best on display. Subtle beauty. We have had a great response to the brooches so far, they have brought intrigued customers in to the gallery.


Working directly from her own photographic explorations and intuitive visual compositions, Lydia has explored the concept of contrasting elements. Working with materials including, silver and enamel Lydia has focused on experiments with surface pattern. She has produced a collection of wearable and non-wearable pieces, challenging in their composition that stimulate an emotional interaction with the viewer and wearer. Echoing references to time and nature whilst combining a modern clean aesthetic, this collection Chaos &Calm brings together contrasting elements illustrating a harmony between chaos and calm, new and old and silence and noise. Inspired by her research into chaos theory:

‘the underlining order in some of nature’s most random processes’

The techniques used in this collection are potentially chaotic but the results are inherently calm. Each piece is unique as a result of the carefully controlled but ultimately random outcome capturing chaos and calm and moments in between.


“I see these pieces as small scale installations presented in a gallery context with some pieces possessing the capacity to be worn.”

Earrings from this collection start at £65. But who could put a price on serenity?