To celebrate London Jewellery Week we present;

Menagerie- A diverse showcase of intriguing jewels. Woven silver and feathered fronds, insect cameos, fluid silver, runaway gems and jewellery anarchy.

Frances Wadsworth Jones transports us into her playful world where tiny ants become mischievous jewel thieves.

A love of the paradoxical and a fascination with the miniature are the driving forces behind Frances creations. Through painstaking attention to the smallest details, I fashion pieces that surprise and delight the inquisitive eye, minute worlds that you can wear on your finger or your jacket. Her ‘Thieves’ series featuring a veritable ant circus will be on display for the first time in Gill Wing Jewellery.

Milena Kovanovic creates sleek undulating forms that contrast the ambiguous with the familiar. The Serbian born designer graduated from Central Saint Martins in 2006. Her highly acclaimed pieces have received numerous commissions and press, following the launch of her own label.

We have chosen her newest collection Cirrhus for its tendril like qualities. Her unique and plasmic forms coil around the wrist like a living entity. Her stunning collections epitomise style, originality and opulence.

Marta Mattsson’s collection transforms strange materials like calfskin and squashed bugs into grotesquely beautiful objects preserved for posteriority.

As Marta said “Somebody once told me, ”You make jewellery for children, not for adults”. And when I was a student in Tokyo the Japanese students in my class came up with a new word to describe my work. The word was KimoKawaii and it’s a combination of two words kawaii (cute) and kimoi (disgusting).

I make jewellery for adults but with a touch of inspiration from my childhood. When I was a child I played with stuffed animals, slugs and other living animals. I have always been drawn to both biology and art and in my work I am trying to combine my interests. Nature is a great source of inspiration but so is Pokemon…”

We have the privilege of showing pieces from her collection following her success this year in completing her masters at the Royal College of Art. Including delicate lace bows carved from calf skin and goat skin. (pictured above)

Sarah Keay crochets silver wire, filament and acetate into colourful sub aquatic creations with feathered fronds. Her creative practice is heavily influenced by botanical elements. They are recreated and fragmented by units constructed from filament, precious beads, swarovski crystals, found objects, suspended by enamel.  The repetitive techniques used in the production of the pieces are mirrored in natural structures: tree branches, lacewing eggs, sea anemones.The pieces are designed to allure and capture the wearer using movement and colour, whilst exploring the boundaries between jewellery, textiles and sculpture.
Utilisation of unconventional mixed media, alongside ancient techniques such as bobbin knitting, allows her jewellery to continually develop and diversify, whilst also questioning the traditional roles of jewellery and its perceptions. We will be showing a series of her beautiful bangles.

Timothy information Ltd presents a miniature demonstration. His playful contraptions invite interaction.

“In an unknown place, at an unknown time, on an unknown day, in an unknown year, a demonstration is taking part. The usual cast of characters are there, the battle worn, the naïve, the angry, those carrying agendas, the confused and the passengers. Each badge in ‘demonstration 2’ portrays someone involved on that day. Some are the demonstrators, some the police, some are the stewards and some are just people caught up in the proceedings. The badges reflect the feelings, thoughts, beliefs and observations of some of the players during that eventful day.”

Timothy Carson

Timothy Information Ltd will be showing a curious collection of brooches that are thought provoking and surprising. We were charmed by his tiny tapping hammer brooch.