New in!!!

We have a very special Valentines window created by Jessica De Lotz.

Her unique treasures are shown alongside some of the vintage finds that have inspired her collection ‘A Love Story in Paris’  Let her draw you in to a romantic tale of long distance love and a world of wild abandonment!

‘A Love Story. Paris, 1946.’

A love letter hits your door mat. The anticipation of the sender fills you with an overwhelming sense of excitement. It is Monday morning after all. Proudly embellishing the envelope is a golden seal. Suddenly, it oozes a sense of heritage, preciousness and superiority. A treasure to behold!

He speaks of his exciting life in Paris. His eyes are bedazzled by the showgirls twirling their tassels, the opulent casinos and delicious abandon of gambling.

The history of this jewellery lies in the hands of its wearer. From the moment you open that letter it becomes part of you, you’re life and being. And from thereon the journey of your life, will determine its destiny. An heirloom of the future?

Inspired by Victorian wax seals these personalised and individually stamped mementos will guarantee that the mark of your love will be sealed forever.

Beaucoup d’amour,

xJessica de Lotz.x

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