Roll up! Roll up! Gill Wing Jewellery presents a visual feast! A breath-taking experience of wonderous colours and shapes that will capture the imagination.

Our highly anticipated ‘Reveal the Surreal’ shop front will showcase a cornucopia of design talent featuring Blanka Sperkova, Hannah Livingstone, Serena KH Park, Moon Young Shin, Andrea Simper and Paraphernalia

Hannah Livingstone

Keep secret messages inside Hannah Livingstone’s beautifully hand crafted lockets.

paraphernalia image

Paraphernalia explore the vivid autopsy of trompe l’oeil Victorian etchings. Give your lover an anatomical heart to show that you care.

blanka sperkova image

Finger knitted fingers! Extraordinary wire sculptures by Blanka Sperkova. Her hand necklaces are delicately spun like ghost fingers clasped around the body.

serena KH park image

Serena KH Park welcomes us in to her world of fantastical creations combining glass and silver. She cultivates these little works of art taking inspiration from surreal sea life.

Moon image

Honey I shrunk the kids? Moon Young Shin has a playful approach to jewellery, exploring the concept of the ring supporting the wearer.